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Savior of the World

Tracks included on this CD are:
  1. I Want to Testify
  2. Wrap Me in Your Mercy
  3. Show US the Way 
  4. Oh Why
  5. Savior of the World
  6. When It's All Over 
  7. One Day Soon
  8. Down at the Church
  9. My Loves Goes On
  10. Looking For Jesus
  11. That's When He Comes
  12. I'm No Longer the Same

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Tracks included on this CD are:
  1. Into My Life 
  2. I Get Blessed 
  3. Love Song 
  4. Start Over Again 
  5. It Feels So Good 
  6. What Will You Do 
  7. His Hand In Mine 
  8. Home To Stay 
  9. He Didn't Walk Away 
  10. Capture Me 
  11. Start Celebrating